VR PLAYER 1 Virtual Reality Arcade

Welcome to Hollywood’s first virtual reality arcade, VR Player 1 Virtual Reality Arcade! Located in the heart of Hollywood, Florida, our game center is the perfect place to escape into a world of immersive VR experiences.

Our state-of-the-art game center offers a wide variety of VR games and attractions to choose from, including an arena that accommodates up to 6 players at a time. Come and join us in the virtual arena and experience the thrill of virtual reality like never before.

We can’t wait to see you at VR Player 1 Virtual Reality Arcade!

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Free Roam VR Arena Our top three group events are Laser Tag, Zombies, and Cops vs. Bandits. All games are suitable for everyone’s age and fun! Both kids and parents can enjoy it. best virtual reality arena social gaming activity We have many age-appropriate activities for children as well as activities for adults. So the next time you think about leaving the office or classroom, step into a whole new world in our virtual reality arcade where you can be anyone or anyone you want to be.

amazing free roaming and social experience for teams of 2 to 6 players. 3v3.2v2

Social gaming activity
Come visit us and discover the thrill of virtual reality gaming! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you get the most out of your experience. We can't wait to see you at our arcade!


Dive into another dimension and test out your skills while competing in challenges against your friends. Enjoy immersive games of laser tag, cops and robbers, zombies, and so many more in our top-of-the-line gaming arcade. Both SINGLE-PLAYER AND MULTI-PLAYER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE. 

Fun for all ages!
Try out new experiences each time you come!
Virtual reality is like dreaming with your eyes open.
Roller Coaster Simulator
Create good memories with friends
Play a game with you’re whole family! Enjoy everything from Laser Tag to Zombies
Head on over to VR PLAYER 1
and try as many games as you want - play multiplayer with friends or explore our library by yourself! We've got something for everyone.
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3-players VR simulator
with a wide range of scenes, from roller coasters to “Star Wars”, from children’s movies to zombies … to the escape from a haunted house
Host your next birthday party at our Virtual Reality Arcade!
Host your next event with us! Play as many games as you want.
No wires. No limits Our top 3 rated group activities are Laser Tag, Zombies, and Cops vs. Robbers.

One of the best venues for birthday parties, class outings or family days children’s activities birthday party/event family activities fun things to do

It’s time to put on your headset and discover a whole new world in Virtual Reality. Escape into an experience you’ve never had before…

Hours:  Mon- Friday  3;00PM–12;00AM

Saturday-Sunday 12;00pm-12;00 AM 

Address1939 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020

  • Phone: (305)456-3555