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The Best Attraction in Miami!

attractionMiami is the ultimate destination for vacationers near and far. From international travelers to Americans looking for a more affordable getaway, Miami is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. But how long can you sit on the beach? Are you looking for fun things to do in Miami that aren’t on the beach? And if you are traveling with kids, how many amusement parks can you possibly visit before your wallet is hurting? Sure, kids love arcades but most of them are pretty old-fashioned and it’s the same old same old. Not to worry, we have got just the place. New to Miami, we just opened our doors to the public and are the first and only VR arcade that is strictly virtual reality games and rides. VR Player 1 is a fully immersive virtual reality gaming arcade fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and gear. There are incredible rides and games on the floor and each one has multiple games to choose from.

Wind simulator and vibration in Miami

Attraction vibrationNow let’s get one thing straight, this isn’t your average arcade that eats all your money on dating games that last only a few minutes. For example, take our VR Moto. The super cool design will catch your eye as soon as you walk in and your kids will be begging to ride it. Not only does it have real-time movement and a wind simulator and vibration, but all this combined with what you see and hear through the headset is an experience you will absolutely go crazy for. We also have a flight simulator that is equally as thrilling. Our free-standing stations set right in the middle of the floor is a quad of pods that are armed with a simulation vest, headset and touch controllers, and a library of hundreds of games to choose from. The space in each pod allows full-range movement for you to really get into the game.

Riding through a snowy mountain, and even a horror coaster!

snowy mountainVR Player 1 is a great spot for a date night in Miami or with a group of friends. Besides our free-standing stations where players can battle it out against each other or choose a single player, we have 2 other stations that also allow for multiplayer enjoyment. VR 3Q is our three-seater ride. This ride as well as every ride at VR Player 1 is fit for children and adults alike.  We bring the amusement park to you with our roller coaster adventure. Choose from your classic amusement park roller coaster to riding through a snowy mountain, and even a horror coaster! You can also choose from other fun options on VR 3Q.

If you love adventure and thrill

love adventure and thrillAfraid of heights? This next one might not be the best fit, but if you love adventure and thrill, then let’s get you set up for Richies Plank Experiment. Custom designed with a real wood plank and air fan, step into the elevator and enjoy the view as you travel to the top of a city skyscraper. When those doors open, the only thing between you and the pavement stories below is a plank that you can now walk out on. Go ahead, look down. It’s amazing. It’s one of our most thrilling and popular experiences.

Book online or come in today

Book onlineVR Player one is an unforgettable attraction in Miami for your friends and family. We even have a birthday room for your next party! book online or come in today Be the coolest parents and host your kid’s next birthday party with us! At VR Player one you are getting an amusement park, arcades, and attractions all in one for incredible prices! Visit our website to  and don’t forget to share your experience with your family and friends  

Best Attraction in Miami


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