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fun things to do in ! Hollywood, Florida

Dive into another dimension and test out your skills while competing in challenges against your friends. Enjoy immersive games of laser tag, cops and robbers, zombies, and so many more in our top-of-the-line gaming arcade. Both SINGLE-PLAYER AND MULTI-PLAYER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE. 

       https://www.vrplayer1.com/fun things to do in hollywood, florida


Experience pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping action with your friends in our new, Virtual Reality Arena! It’s a FREE-ROAMING ARENA where UP TO 6 PLAYERS can either battle it out in a game of laser tag to see who ranks as number 1 or can work together as a team to survive the zombie apocalypse. You’ll find danger around every corner and fun with every step. With each round, it only gets harder to beat. Do you and your squad have what it takes?

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VR MOTO Feel the speed and angles of racing with the fully engaged VR Moto





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