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VR Laser Tag Arena

The Best Attraction In Miami !Virtual Reality Gaming Center No wires. No limits.
Forget all the wires and chunky headsets. The arena offers up to 6 players a unique free-roaming experience. You and your friends can move freely without the stress of being tangled up with wires and having a heavy headset drag you down. Step into the arena, put on the VR headset, and find yourself in an entirely different world. The controls in the game are simple and easy for anyone to master. Shoot arrows, dodge bullets, or fight against other players. Whichever experience you choose, you will have complete control of the action. Each game you find in the arena will test the skills of you and your teammates. You will have to communicate and work together in order to win.

https://www.vrplayer1.com/vr-laser-tag/Virtual Reality Gaming Centerfun things to do attraction


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