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Virtual Reality Gaming Center

Dive into another dimension and test out your skills while competing in challenges against your friends. Enjoy immersive games of laser tag, cops and robbers, zombies, and so many more in our top-of-the-line gaming arcade.

VR Games
Single-Player, Multi-Player, and Group Activities
Are you looking for something fun to do with your family? Perhaps you’re even just looking to
do something fun alone. Whether you’re with a group or going solo, our virtual reality center
will give you everything you’re looking for in an experience and more.
Imagine being able to step out of reality and into a completely different world… Using state-of-
the-art technology and the latest gear on the market, our gaming center allows you to
completely immerse yourself in the experiences and games. Players experience an unparalleled
level of fun and thrill in the world of virtual reality.

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With over 500+ games to choose from, you can pick whatever kind of experience you want to
have, whether it’s horror, adventure, sports, action, artistic, exploration, or story/role-play. By
streaming these games off our machines, players are completely immersed into the experience
and often forget they’re in an augmented reality.
VR MOTO – Motorcycle Simulator

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VR MOTO – Motorcycle Simulator
Imagine what it’s like to ride a motorcycle or jet ski. Well now you get to also FEEL what it’s like
to do it thanks to the VR Moto which allows players to feel the thrill of riding with wind effect
built right into the bike. Experience real angled motion and vibration. The touch screen allows
players to select which experience they would like to explore from different games and gives
viewers a real-time view of the game in action, so parents and friends can watch.

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VR 3Q – Game Simulator
One of the most popular virtual reality experiences is on our three seater movie simulator that
has 50 games and experiences to choose from. Everything from roller coasters and cartoons to
horror and war. All you have to do is just take a seat and feel the dynamic platform move
underneath you. Just hold on to the joystick grips to move, shoot and play! Anyone can learn
how to play!

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VR Games Single-Player, Multi-Player, and Group Activities


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