Check out our new family-friendly activity Virtual Reality Arcade in downtown Hollywood .

Come on out with your group of family or friends! We’ve got a ton of activities great for all ages. Mom & Dad get to have some fun while little Drake and Josh compete in a game of Laser Tag.

Fun for the whole family!
With so many different experiences, people of all ages can find different activities to enjoy.
– Laser Tag
– BeatSaber
– Zombies
– 500+ more!

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Not only is our arcade fun and safe for kids to play but it’s also HUGELY enjoyed by adults too!
In fact, after the kids go to bed, the parents come out for some fun before hitting downtown
and the other entertainment venues.
It’s time to suspend reality and experience the latest in technology, a complete virtual reality
experience. Enjoy a complete indoor experience and get out of South Florida’s heat! Cool off
with our refreshments and enjoy a few games before hitting the bar.
We have hundreds of games to choose from, for kids and adults and everyone in between.
Mom and dad can even compete against the kids in a game of laser tag in our hot new virtual
reality arena! In the arena, up to 6 players can play on teams or against one another in a game
of Cops Vs Robbers, zombies, Richie’s Plank Experience, and more!
Our machines are the latest on the market and are equipped with state of the art technology
resulting in an experience that is totally immersive. Besides the free-roaming VR Arena, we also
have the fully engaged VR Moto, where players get to really feel the speed and angles of racing.
For a group of up to 3, we have a three seater movie simulator called the VR 3Q, which has 50
games and experiences to choose from.
For those who have always wondered what it’d feel like to fly, we have a full-body VR Flight
Stimulator you can make all of your flying dreams come true!
Single-players can also enjoy the VR Gatling platform and see if they can compete against the
other players’ high scores.
Parents, if you like to watch, you’d enjoy the VR Super Zone Simulator. It’s a fenced-in, large-
scale platform with a 56-inch screen that projects the players experience for bystanders to see.
Finally, we have our VR Infinite Battle, two platforms that let you fight it out against another
player in a 2v2 match. You can also challenge yourself against your deepest fears and see if who
can make it all the way through the Haunted Mansion.
As you can see, our arcade is filled with fun kids activities and experiences for adults too. If your
family likes it so much, you can even rent out the whole venue for a private party. We have tons
of packages to choose from whether you’re looking to host a kid’s birthday party or even
hosting a corporate event for team bonding. Our venue can host events of up to 45 guests, with
unlimited access to our arcade and our private party room.
Teachers, if you’re looking for a way to escape the classroom and bring your students to a place
where they can be inspired, then why not inspire your students with innovative VR & AR

technology, the technology of the future. Our gaming arcade is kid-friendly because the entire
  1. arcade is indoors and provides a safe, yet realistic learning environment for students. For school
  1. field trips, the whole venue can be reserved for large group activities. You can have the whole
  1. venue to yourselves with staff to assist. So let’s organize the most memorable field trip that
  1. your students will ever have!

Come on out with your group of family or friends! We’ve got a ton of activities great for all ages. Mom & Dad get to have some fun while little Drake and Josh compete in a game of Laser Tag.

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