VR player 1 Virtual Reality Arcade

VR PLAYER 1 Virtual Reality Arcade

Immerse yourself in Miami’s first exclusive virtual reality gaming Arcade

VR Player 1 provides a unique full motion VR simulation experience.

Using state of the art technology and the latest gear on the market, enjoy an unparalleled level of fun and thrill in the world of total virtual reality.

Experience the thrill


Suspend reality and experience the latest in virtual reality gaming Arcade

We have hundreds of games to choose from, for kids and adults and everyone in between.

Our machines are the latest on the market and are equipped with state of the art technology resulting in an experience that is totally immersive.

VR Laser Tag VR is an immersive game that gives teams of 2 to 6 players a mind-blowing free-roaming and social experience. 3v3 .2v2

Have fun Our games


Feel the speed and angles of racing with the fully engaged VR Moto.

Real angled motion and vibration, roaring engines and spinning wheels, the VR Moto allows players to feel the thrill of riding with wind effect built right into the bike. The touch screen lets you choose from different games and gives viewers a real time view of the game in action.

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This three seater movie simulator has 50 games and experiences to choose from. From roller coaster and war to horror and cartoons, take a seat and feel the dynamic moving platform that is one of the most popular virtual reality experiences.

Hold on to the joystick grips to move, shoot and play the incredibly realistic games


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Make your flying dreams come true with VR Flight. Equipped with HD interactive games that have the best HD graphics in the industry.

Feel the speed with the wind simulator and real time motion. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to fly through your choice of the best flying games in virtual reality gaming.


An immersive shooting game, the VR Gatling replaces the controller with a machine gun that includes haptic feedback to allow you to feel the game’s power and intensity.

Super sensitive buttons let you wipe out your enemies in an instant.


VR Superzone simulator turns virtual reality games into vibrant unforgettable entertainment. The fenced-in, large-scale platform allows the player to move around and really get into the action of the game.

The 56-inch screen projects the players experience that can be enjoyed by those watching.

The high data transfer rate via the gamers specially designed helmet ensures the simulation is delay-free.

Equipped with many different games, VR Superzone is fun for any age.

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Two platforms lets you battle it out against another player in action-packed combat games, run from dinosaurs, compete, and a multitude of other themed games.

Put on your headgear and grab your guns and be prepared to immerse yourself in fun.

Freestyle Pods

Experience virtual reality in your own VR Pod. Equipped with headset and simulation vest, choose from different games to experience fun and full range movement.

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Richie Plank Experience

Defy your fear of heights and step into our virtual elevator that will take you 80 stories high where the doors will open to a free standing plank. Are you brave enough to walk the plank?

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