Fun for the whole family keep your kids entertained indoors,

Suspend reality and experience the latest in virtual reality gaming Arcade

 We have hundreds of games to choose from, for kids and adults and everyone in between.

Our machines are the latest on the market and are equipped with state of the art technology resulting in an experience that is totally immersive.

Come and join us at VR Player 1 Virtual Reality Arcade and experience the thrill of virtual reality like never before.
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We have plenty of AGE APPROPRIATE KIDS ACTIVITIES as well as options that are exciting for adults. So the next time you’re thinking about stepping out of the office or classroom, stop by our Virtual Reality Arcade and step into a whole new world where you can be anything or anyone you want to be.

Whether you’re a gaming pro or have never played before, our arcade has the right experience for you. Literally anyone can figure out how to play. Just plug in and let’s go!

Dive into another dimension and test out your skills while competing in challenges against your friends. Enjoy immersive games of laser tag, cops and robbers, zombies, and so many more in our top-of-the-line gaming arcade. Both SINGLE-PLAYER AND MULTI-PLAYER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE.