No wires. No limits.

Forget all the wires and chunky headsets. The arena provides a unique full motion VR simulation experience where up to 6 players get to enjoy a unique free-roaming experience like never before. Using state of the art technology and the latest gear on the market, you and your friends can now move freely without the stress of being tangled up with wires and having a heavy headset drag you down.

Step into the arena, put on the VR headset, and find yourself in an entirely different world. The controls in the game are simple and easy for anyone to master. Shoot arrows, dodge bullets, or fight against other players. Whichever experience you choose, you will have complete control of the action. Each game you find in the arena will test the skills of you and your teammates. You will have to communicate and work together in order to win.

Our top 3 rated group activities are Laser Tag, Zombies, and Cops vs. Robbers. All games are age appropriate as well as fun for all! Kids and parents can both enjoy themselves.

Laser Tag 

a futuristic shooting game

Enjoy a high energy, action-packed game for both kids and adults. Challenge your friends in an intense futuristic tournament by either teaming up or fighting free-for-all. With danger around every corner, players have to watch their every step.

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Zombies – a zombie apocalypse survival game

Do you think you can survive the zombie apocalypse? You and your friends have to make a stand and defend yourselves against the undead. You must prepare your defenses and pick your weapons before the first wave of zombies attack. With each wave the zombies become faster and stronger so pressure builds up.


Arrowsong – a family-friendly archery game

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world of orcs, goblins, fairies, and dragons. You and your band of heroes must protect the sacred tree at all cost! You have been called upon to stop this evil and bring peace to the fairy realm. Can you do it? Even some of the most seasoned adventurers might find themselves overwhelmed on this dangerous mission.


Richie’s Plank Experience – a psychological experience

You’re on a plank, 80 stories high. Knees shaky, palms sweaty. Do you dare make it to the end? Experience both fear and laughter as you walk the plank. Experience the thrill of doing the impossible! It’s always fun to see how each person will react. A great group activity since it’s also fun to watch!


Cops Vs. Robbers – a competitive multi-player game

A challenging first person shooter action game that is a thrill at every turn. Each player has to decide whether they want to play as a cop or robber. It’s time to run, outsmart, and dodge hostile inmates and prison guards. Feel the danger as you blast through intense landscapes and enjoy amazing graphics. 


Cyber Shock – a fast paced futuristic shooter game

You and your team of heroic digital warriors have to try to eradicate the virus that has taken over your system. Dodge lasers, bullets, firewalls, all this whilst trying to destroy the enemy with your dual wielded laser guns. Put your reflexes to the test!

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